Guatemala Fuego Volcano Eruption Update

Guatemala Volcano Disaster Response and Recovery Fund
July 02, 2018


On June 3rd, Volcán de Fuego erupted in southern Guatemala. It is the country’s deadliest volcanic eruption since 1929. Ash and molten rock, reaching 1,300 degrees Fahrenheit and traveling around 100 mph, fell onto surrounding communities. An even larger set of communities is affected by thick ash cover (Source: ABC). Heavy rainfall during part of the eruption also caused lahars, destructive mudflows on the slopes of the volcano. Several villages and road networks near the volcano have been buried by lahars. (Source: SAVE THE CHILDREN)

Estimated impact is as follows (Source: UN OCHA):
-1.7 million people affected
-12,407 have been evacuated
-4,137 are in shelters, with many more self-sheltering
-At least 99 people have died

Response: Response efforts are being coordination by Guatemala’s National Coordination for Disaster Reduction (CONRED).
Primary needs are: hospital care, search and rescue, and shelter. (Source: SAVE THE CHILDREN)
Search and rescue operations were temporarily suspended on June 7th due to severe weather. (Source: UN ECHO)


-Guatemala’s National Coordination for Disaster Reduction (CONRED) has requested WiFi support.
-NetHope is preparing a joint response, with Cisco, to provide connectivity at shelter locations.

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